Saturday, January 30, 2010

Public Toilet Gay Cruising Video Free Gay Men Having Sex In Public Toilets And Parks At Night. Is This A Part Of Gay 'culture'?

Gay men having sex in public toilets and parks at night. Is this a part of gay 'culture'? - public toilet gay cruising video free

Are gay men allowed to have sex in public, because in their "natural" cruising for sex because society condemned and punished? Gay men have a special reason for breaking the law because of their "culture"?


Lenox said...

It is loaded question. People everywhere as a "right" and "gay" sex. Some like a little adventure and some exhibitionist. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Harry said...

Seems to be a part of the culture gay / bi, especially for men, but I know someone who believes in to participate. I think it is terribly degrading to do, especially on an ongoing basis. You will be surprised, in fact, in this kind of thing while trapped. Often, their men or married men, even divorced recently, which only need an explanation. Many of them are about twice while. From the, what I said, it can be very addictive to the point that the poor can not stop what you are doing. Some officers to choose to ignore the problem, mainly because they have to solve urgent problems. Another thing I can say is that caught in this kind of behavior to know each other so often and feel safer when they see a different form of sex is a known site. It's a bit of a lifestyle site Shadey gay / bi which we are best avoided entirely.

extton said...

Heterosexual couples also, you know. In fact, most heterosexual couples gay couples, just for the fact that the vast majority of couples are.

I am not sure whether people will be able to have sex in public.

First is the idea that sex makes me sick public.

On the other hand, I recognize that this reaction is that we are to live in the culture, rather than on rational thought, which as far as I know, public sex is not really hurt other people.

I think that good sex in public toilets to be, which is always a more or less private. However, it would in the case of people with sexually transmitted diseases, illegal, the risk of transmission, the lowest by far surpasses the desire for someone to have sex in a public restroom.

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